A business is more than just commerce.

It is run by families and friends. Securing your business is about taking care of what matters most: People.


What We Do

Cyber security is constantly evolving, and so is our team. By staying on top of the latest trends and knowledge in attacks, we offer superior protection to our clients.

Calgary Cyber Security offers customized cyber security solutions. We create resilient plans to mitigate cyber attacks, advanced threats, malware and dark web threats. With over 3 decades of expertise in technology, combined with a unique consulting methodology which enables us to provide robust, reliable and effective protection, we offer a customized cyber security solution for every business need.

Our Story

Our story began in 1982 when we founded Aura Computers. In 1997 we changed our name to AAT to better reflect our ever expanding skill sets and offerings in IT services. After seeing threats to computer systems and networks grow, Calgary Cyber Security was born to strengthen and protect our clients networks.

Calgary Cyber Security seeks to reduce the risks that come with running mission critical business systems, and collaborates with our clients to build stronger security measures with rapid response to any threat.

What we care about

Our community has given us so much, which has led our team to invest back into the local and global community. By harnessing our technology skills, and business knowledge, we try to strive to make the world we live in a better place for everyone.

Volunteering on nonprofit boards

Providing affordable technology and physical IT support to nonprofits

Funding programs and facilities for clean water and housing for expecting mothers and their children

Funding overseas organizations to build safe areas for children to grow, develop and play

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